Happy Friday, my friends! I have missed you! And I have some very exciting news!

Today we’re going to be talking about one business woman I know very well.


I’ve been grinding hard, really hard, and unfortunately that has caused a bit of a dip in my productivity here. I hate to leave anyone hanging, so let me tell you about what I’ve been up to!

I completed a class in SEO and have moved on to learning different code languages. These new skills are going to open so many more doors for me as I work towards my goal of writing full time. I also have been reaching out to different businesses! As you can imagine, juggling a website, a full time job, and getting my freelancing off the ground has kept me running around like a chicken with her head cut off!

This pandemic has radicalized me. I am a very different person than I was when I first began this incredible, fulfilling journey profiling different women. I have no intention of ending this project, however….


I started a second blog! Now, this blog serves a specific purpose. While it will be more of a fluffy lifestyle blog, the focus is going to be the technical skills involved in creating meaningful pieces to further build on my portfolio.  I’ll also be using my pen name for this blog, so don’t let Nat Walenty fool you – it’s just me! And don’t worry – it’s gonna be really funny. I’m very excited about this. 

I’d like to invite you to follow Navigating 30, my new blog, which officially launches tomorrow, where I chronicle the trials and tribulations I face as a not-so-neurotypical woman in a depressingly typical world. Those of you who know me personally probably already know what’s in store: awkward conversations at the DMV, recounting my innovative expertise in avoiding the male gaze, and of course, a little existential dread with a flirty twist. Should be fun!


Small Lights will be my main focus on A Woman’s Work for now -of course, there will still be amazing women profiled – but I cannot guarantee a biweekly schedule while I finish my classes and work on more technically focused pieces.


Words cannot express how stoked I am for these upcoming weeks and months. Thank you for your continued support, and look out for my first blog post! It’s going to be all about surviving Halloween…in your thirties.

1 thought on “BIG NEWS!”

  1. my goodness Meg sounds like you will be busy 24/7 good luck honey!!!!

    I will keep a good thought for you— stay well and remember —I LOVE YOU!!!! Mimi


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