Anyone who knows me knows I love to pamper myself. I dream of deep clawfoot tubs, my head adorned with a crown of organic soap suds. The tips of my fingers are mini masseuses as they caress green seaweed cream onto my face every night. A spritz of rosewater isn’t only preferred, it’s required. In a word, I am extra. In two words, I am extra bougie. My bathroom and nightstand overflow with witch hazel sprays, collagen lotions, exfoliating masks, and satin hair wraps. 

My collection of all things luscious and lovable grew this week, and I am so thrilled to tell you all about it! Earlier this week, I popped into Molly’s Apothecary, a small store nestled in a cozy corner of the Medway Mills. When you walk into the Mills, it’s like you’re walking into an old library book. A woody, delicate scent permeates through the structure. It is silent, save for the echoes of your footsteps. Once you enter this charming building, you swing left, down a slightly uneven hallway, and that’s where you find Molly’s. Molly’s Apothecary is run by two sisters.

Ann, right, Margaret, left

The Genius of Women

Ann and Margaret are the masterminds behind this hidden gem. Ann has been making soap for two decades; she started because of her son’s sensitive skin issues. Twenty years later, these two women boast an enchanting apothecary. Launched in 2006 and moving to the Medway Mills in 2008, colorful soaps now line the walls and burst from baskets that occupy the display tables. Greeting cards are flanked by gorgeous homemade candles right as you enter the store, and these products do not hold back. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first: the amazing body cream that led me to their store.

I already knew I loved their products. Recently I received a gift from a friend – it was Molly’s Apothecary’s Ultimate Body Cream. As I twisted off the lid of the gorgeous blue jar, I immediately recognized a new favorite cream. The bright lotion was light – almost whipped – and made my hands instantly feel the way I imagine Lady Gaga’s hands must feel, all of the time. 

We know some body creams and lotions have scents that are overpowering. I cannot shop at the larger, corporate body wash stores, the plain reason being their scents are all consuming and headache inducing. That is not the case with Molly’s Apothecary cream. As I opened the jar, I was swept off my feet with the subtle scent – so inviting, while not overpowering. We know how difficult it can be to find a cream like that. A gentle hint of oatmeal and honey helped wake my skin up.

I also couldn’t help but indulge in their handcrafted soaps. I purchased the Peppermint Tea Tree Homemade Body Soap and was not disappointed. It lathered beautifully, and the subtle, vibrant fragrance helped change my morning from “Dear God why am I awake?” to, “Dear God, I am awake!” The body wash I typically use paled in comparison to how I felt after washing up with Molly’s Apothecary soap. I fear I may be an addict now. The quality of their products gave me the confidence to try the soap without doing a patch test first – something I typically need to do, as someone with sensitive skin. However, looking over the ingredients and recognizing all of them – some I even use to make my own face oils – I knew there was nothing to fear.

Despite my strict budget, I found myself going deeper still into Molly’s. As if a spell had overtaken me, my hands started clawing greedily at different bath bombs and silky hand lotions. By the time I got to the counter, I had two bars of homemade soap, two greeting cards I found hilarious, and a candle that I cannot wait to show you. Here’s where it gets really fun.

An Apothecary for Fierce Women

I love this. Pumpkin spice is delicious, just let us have it! Finally, a candle that supports me the way I want other women to support each other all the time. I love pumpkin spice. I am a Basic Bitch, and that’s not changing. This candle makes me feel empowered by it. Think about it – who do you really want by your side when you’re finding the bathroom at a crowded bar? A Basic Bitch. A basic bitch isn’t going to tolerate the nonsense thrown at you by men from tap to toilet. We don’t have the time. Be the Basic Bitch you wish to see in the world.

But wait, there’s more! Remember those greeting cards I mentioned? Let’s talk about those. 

Need I say more? Not only do I love to pamper myself and indulge in all things luscious and bubbly, I also get a kick out of publicly shaming fascists and, in general, being a real meanie to them. One might say it’s one of my hobbies. So, finding these on the greeting card wall? Molly’s has earned a repeat customer, that’s for damn sure.

Reasonably Spiced, Reasonably Priced

Remember the spell I was under, as I traced my fingers over each beautifully packaged and delightfully colorful goods? That spell didn’t lift at the register. In fact, I think it may have only intensified. This entire haul (minus the body cream which I received as a gift), was under $50. That’s two homemade soaps of impeccable quality, one incredible candle that burns like a dream, and two of the best greeting cards I’ve ever purchased and will probably never send to anyone, ever. I prefer keeping them for myself. Now that’s a haul I can get behind. 


Molly’s Apothecary is more than just their products. Behind the masterfully curated brick and mortar shop, stand two strong sisters. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, they did not name their store Ann’s Apothecary, or Margaret’s Apothecary.

These two women named their store after their mother, Molly, who passed away in 2004. Such a beautiful way to honor their mother’s memory and keep her alive not only in their own hearts, but to the whole world as well. I do not know much about Molly, but I do know she is the reason why we have a space in Medway that is specifically for women, including strong-minded women. I know that she brought two women into this world who are actively making it better. I know one more thing: She must be watching over her daughters, bursting with pride. 

I will continue to spend the bulk of my paycheck at Molly’s Apothecary, and I encourage you to do the same. The shop is absolutely packed with incredible products anyone would love, and there’s certainly something for everyone here. Finding that something within the walls of Molly’s Apothecary is where the real fun lies. A little gem found nestled in the pages of a library book, where magic settles in the air. Go and experience it.


Molly’s Apothecary

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