Happy Small Lights Friday!

It’s Small Lights Friday again, and we are not messing around! We are going big this week and all month long to raise awareness for Small Lights, and that means a BIG contest with BIG prizes!

I want to raise awareness for Small Lights so we can widen our impact, and what better way than a fun challenge where everyone has a chance to win big? Being a Small Light means injecting a small amount of positivity in the world that yields a much greater emotional return and so we are going to stay on theme. That means easy entries and guaranteed returns! What’s better than that?

What Can You Donate Challenge!


Contest will run through June 24th with the winners being announced June 25th.

Any donation of any size, small or large, has an equal chance of winning the Grand Prize!

Donations of different types will be considered additional entries.

Every single entry will win a prize – we are all winners here!

How To Enter

Take a picture of your donation, and share this blog post on your social(s) and take a screenshot. Email both pictures to (Instagram DMs work as well!)

(If you are submitting multiple entries, you only need to share this post once)

What Can You Donate?

Any type of donation to the greater good is a valid contest entry. I’ve listed some examples below:


Canned Goods 

Time/ Labor (picking up trash, planting a tree, volunteering, etc) 

Small monetary donations to the nonprofit of your choice

What You’ll Win

The Grand Prize Winner will receive:

1 “Small Lights” mug, 1 “A Woman’s Work” notebook, assorted stickers and magnets (to spread the love!), assorted organic candles and (of course) twinkle lights! Oh, and a $25 gift card!

Second Prize Winner will receive:

1 “Small Lights” mug, assorted stickers and magnets (spread that love!), and twinkle lights


Assorted stickers and magnets, and twinkle lights

Stay Tuned for the Tricks and Tips!

As I said before, we are going big this week and all month long. That means that next Small Light’s Friday is going to be all about donor tips and tricks, how you can choose where you want to give, and where you can find information that will lead you to those answers. I have a few favorites of my own that I am absolutely dying to get into, but I can’t get ahead of myself!

We’ll also talk about different social causes, what they stand for, and what their programs specifically do; who knows, maybe you’ll find a new cause to be passionate about! As in the stated rules, every donation, no matter the size, counts as a separate entry! So shine those lights everywhere you can!

And if you don’t want to do it for me…Do it for Queen Dolly

Let’s Go Light Up The World!

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