The word “Sonder” is defined as the profound feeling of realizing that every other person in the world, including the strangers one may see on the street, is living a life just as complex as one’s own. We all have our own complex stories, our own worries or fears, our own dreams and triumphs.

Small Lights Campaign

Everyone can be a light in darkness. Our goal with Small Lights is to empower and encourage people to make small, unintimidating changes that will make the world a brighter place – without draining you of your own sunshine. If one person makes one stranger’s day just a little bit better, that stranger may be more inclined to be kinder to the next person they meet on the street, and so on it will go.

To be a light is to purposefully infuse unexpected positivity into the world around you through positive words and actions. Complimenting a stranger’s nail color, allowing someone to cut in front of you at the store, even just admitting when you’ve made a mistake – all of these are great examples of being a small light.

Small Lights in the Dark

Picture a path in a forest. During the day, the light leaks through the trees and your vision is clear. It’s warm, and it’s welcoming, and you can see where you are going. When night falls, it’s colder, darker, and unclear where your path may lead.

Everyone you know, at one point or another, finds themselves in this forest. We might wander around aimlessly and happily in the sun, or hunker down with a bottle of wine alone in the dark. Sometimes we know exactly where we’re going on our path and the sun is shining, guiding our way. Sometimes it’s dark, cold, and our flashlight is dead. It’s that kind of deep darkness that can be hard to navigate- hard to find our way out.

Unless someone explicitly tells us, we have no way of knowing if someone is walking their path in the warmth of their sun, or if they’re lost in the dark, looking for a source of light for guidance, or comfort.

So how do we help those still looking for their sun? By bringing a little light, of course!

Why Just a Little?

We cannot coax someone else’s sun to rise. Everyone’s horizon is different. Being a Small Light is not the same as being a beacon. There is no need to put undue pressure on yourself to save the world. What we can do is infuse joy and kindness into our own worlds whenever we can. Kindness is contagious. Joy is contagious. A little goes a long way, and you cannot give to others unless you are taking care of yourself.

We can do this by focusing on our words, our actions, and our intentions in our everyday lives.

Words. Actions. Purpose.

Do my words help or hurt? How do others perceive my actions? I messed up – how can I be better next time? Am I helping someone move forward, or am I holding someone back?

We, as a whole, are not asking ourselves these questions enough.

Every other week, in between posts about some incredible women and the businesses they run, you’ll see posts about our Small Lights Campaign. I’ll be highlighting different community members and how they choose to be a light within their own worlds. I will also be exploring different ways we can work together to be Small Lights in our own community.

Are You a Light?

Anyone and everyone can be a light in all different ways. So, let’s do something fun! Contact me here, or DM me on my Instagram and tell me about a time you were a Small Light for someone else. Our next post will feature everyone’s Small Light Triumphs! You can choose to be anonymous or not, that’s up to you! I know we don’t normally talk about the kind things we do for each other, but I’d like to create a space where we can share with each other and celebrate these moments together. So send me a message, whoever and wherever you are, and share you Small Light Triumphs!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I had friends over for the weekend and tried to have everything they love available to them! I know they appreciated it and responded in kind!

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